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The Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania, 1977


'We, the people of the united republic of Tanzania, have firmly and solemnly resolved to build in our country a society founded on the principles of freedom, justice, fraternity and concord'


The future of Tanzania is dependent on intellectually informed assessment of policies accustomed to Communitarian Philosophy.

Why Gjs
GJS recognizes that Tanzania is a developing nation that has interred into middle income countries. Middle-income countries face social and economic challenges pertinent to their status that have a massive impact on the justice systems.

GJS has seen a gap in policy evaluation in the areas of criminal justice systems. In developed countries, many professional bodies advance the course of their government development goals. In the US, for the Justice System practitioners, Policymakers, and students in Criminal Justice, there is 'Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences' while in the UK, there is the 'British Society of Criminology'. Now that Tanzania is a nation in a hurry of self-determination and does not have a Society of the criminologists, GJS was born to fill in the gap. This gap made GJS be the Consulting Firm that is dealing with what would be done by the society of criminologists in Tanzania, among other things.

GJS handles different consultancies ranging from Artificial Intelligence, Law and Society, Cyber Security, E-commerce, Business Management, Fundraising for Social Services and Economic Projects

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