GJS consultancy was born out of existing lacuna for moral dialogues in relationship with social cohesion, increased hubristic-meritocratic demeanours that lead to the decadence of moral obligations and eschewing fraternal relationships called Ujamaa. Ujamaa is a Theory of Justice and a Political Theory in that it caters for democratic processes on how to govern a family of brothers and sisters to nation-building-characters through the teleological essence of democracy which is a man. The purpose of Ujamaa is Man. Nyerere was well versed in the Greek New Testament (Koine Greek) has made his readers misread his text about Ujamaa because of the lack of background to his philosophical greek roots interwoven with African traditions. Nyerere was an Aristotelian and New Testament scholar and Humanist. Ujamaa is the only reason that made Tanzania one of the strongest democratic nations in the world. GJS is an abbreviation of Governance Juris Services as an Interlocutor of Ujamaa with the aim to cultivate the citizens' virtues

GJS organize and practice moral dialogues located on the thinking of Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere, the moral philosopher and the founding father of the united republic of Tanzania.

The dialogues and training programmes are prepared and delivered by a team of highly learned and experienced consultants.

Rev. Prof. Joseph M. Chaggama, (Emeritus Prof. at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, Maryland, USA) Ask for CV

Gabriel D Kitua Bcomm (Hons), MBA (UDSM) - ask for a CV


GJS vision is to be the principal consultant of public policy advisory support in cultivating the citizens' virtues. The mission is to educate the public to understand the importance of the virtues that gave us the peaceful Tanzania we now have. In the public and private sector, GJS trains staff to discover how the institution, departments and sections work through different people all (as a team) seeking to attain the same corporate goals.
The programmes cover moral steps that change the epistemology of each individual to a shared common understanding between work, workers, employer and employees. Self-assessment, self-improvement, exertion, probity and the clear understanding that access to institutions' property and customers are just on a fiduciary basis are covered in the training programme. Further, the training also covers routines that boost productivity and body and brain health.

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Governance Juris Services

Mwalimu Nyerere's moral reasoning is located like the man whose needs for food, shelter and clothing are the same. He dedicated his life-long service to teaching Ujumaa a conclusion he arrived at as a reductionist of moral reasoning from Aristotle and David Hume. GJS's interest is to evaluate the highest good efficacy and encourage good practice as a means to sustain a morally just, fair society even in a market economy where virtues are sold as a commodity. GJS is the public philosopher that encourages moral dialogues through the thinking of Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere the moral philosopher and the founding father of the united republic of Tanzania.

There are inefficiencies and breakdowns in the organisational work-flows caused by weak teamwork, dishonesty, silos, and lack of focus at the workplace. Addressing this problem, programmes designed to allow employees to discover how the institution work to attain the same corporate goals. Moral steps that lead to change the epistemology of each individual to a shared common understanding between work, workers, employer and employees; self-improvement, exertion, probity and clear understanding of the agency theory.

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Strengthening Public policy

Training programmes for employees, and board members

Advising in the reorganisation, institution building and specifically in preparing strategies and plans.
Restorative Justice Experts in J.K Nyereres's Collectivistic Philosophy
Trading and Advisory support of Renewable Energy infrastructure (REI) i.e Consulting, Mining and trading of the base minerals.